JomJalan’s Mission

On The Surface

At one glance, JomJalan seems like a ticket and tour comparison site that helps you see more, and save more during your trip.

But no. That’s not our real mission.

We know that you might take a trip to recharge or try to break away from the ordinary life. You may go on a trip to heal from heartbreaks, reconnect with your kids, start a new life or reflect on things you did.

We know that. And we are delighted if we can be a silent partner that helps you do those, cheaply, responsibly.

But travel is not only about exploring new places and trying new experiences.

It is more than that.

It’s not only about changing you. It is also about transforming the lives of others for the better.

You Changing The World

Going into a museum, booking a room or trying that weird dessert by the roadside is not all about you, or just your life.

Because once you choose to travel, you may have helped a poor shoemaker in Bali make ends meet, get a Sandakan native bellboy pay for his ailing mom’s medical bills, get a school dropout ticket counter guy in Ho Chi Minh from stealing from an elderly or get a charter car driver enough money to support his 9 kids.

Your decision to explore the region changes the life of others.

JomJalan aims to be more than a site to help you save. We are here to help you see more and help create a positive circle of effects from your trip.

In short, this travel site is just a vehicle. A mean to a bigger goal.

Our ultimate mission is this : To help spur job growth, and improve the income of the millions of poor Southeast Asians through travel. And this region is just a start.

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