10 best budget hotels in melaka for under cheap accommodations in bandar hilir, air keroh

Travel on a Shoestring: Top 18 Cozy and Cheap Budget Hotels in Melaka!

Travelling to Melaka alone or with your partner?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of comfortable and budget-friendly hotels in Melaka available to choose from.

Here’s the 18 best cheap hotels in Melaka for you to choose from.

In Bandar Hilir

This location is great for finding budget hotels in Melaka. They offer convenience as you can easily walk to attractions around the city area.

Imperial Heritage

the room at the imperial heritage bandar hilir melaka is simple and clean but the location is fantastic
Normal PriceRM 120 ++

This budget hotel is just across the street from Dataran Pahlawan, making it easy for you to shop at the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall or visit the city’s major attractions.

The rooms here are spacious, although the room decor may be a bit dated.

We like the strategic location and the fact that parking here is free and covered, although the spots are limited.

And with the room prices occasionally going below RM 120, we believe it is one of the best budget hotels in Melaka for solo travelers.

The Explorer Hotel

your room is pretty big in the explorer hotel melaka. and for under rm100, it is cheap
Normal PriceRM 89 ++

This hotel features minimalistic decor.

But the location is simply perfect because it is right opposite the Dataran Pahlawan shopping area.

Parking here is free and exploring Melaka is easy as you’re right smack in the center of the action.

You’ll also find it easy to dine as there are fast food eateries like McDonald’s and Texas Chicken just a short walk away.

The Rucksack Caratel

great instagram worthy room in the jonker walk area -- that is how you describe the rucksack caratel budget stay
Normal PriceRM 170 ++

This budget-friendly accommodation is not only affordable but also comes with a swimming pool.

It has a green surrounding, and your room is relatively large for the price.

The deco of your room is also fun and trendy.

The A Famosa ruin is also within walking distance and the night market or the heritage mosques are just minutes away from your stay.

Unfortunately because of the location, the hotel only has very parking spaces.

Mercury Boutique Hotel

glamorous and suitable for families - that is how you describe the mercury boutique hotel melaka
Normal PriceRM 90 ++

The rooms in this hotel are large — suitable for a small family on a budget holiday.

The hotel rooms may seem a little glamorous or quirky to some, but all the electrical switches are modern and use touch screen panels.

But those are not the main advantages of this hotel.

The hotel’s location is its strongest point.

It is in Bandar Hilir, which is in the heart of Melaka city.

Sightseeing is a breeze from here.

Dataran Pahlawan, Stadthuys and other attractions are within walking distance.

Fenix Inn

the fenix inn is one of the best budget hotel in the middle of melaka city
Normal PriceRM 89 ++

No list of the best budget hotels in Malacca would be complete without mentioning Fenix Inn.

The room rate at this budget hotel is below RM100 on most weekdays and you’ll get a clean, comfortable place to stay with all the amenities you need.

And shopping areas like the Mahkota Parade and the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall are just within a short stroll away.

Interestingly, despite the price, it has valet parking available.

That means instead of spending hours scouting the area for a parking space, the staff will handle it for you.

One minor drawback of Fenix Inn is the absence of an elevator, which may make it less ideal for elderly guests.

In Melaka Raya

This is an area on the outskirts of Melaka city that is famous for its many cheap hotels. It is also a short drive from Melaka Raya, where many of the attractions are located.

EcoTree Hotel

a swimming pool in a budget hotel in melaka? yes if you stay at ecotree
Normal PriceRM 99 ++

The EcoTree Hotel Melaka is a great option for families or couples looking for a cheap yet luxurious stay in Melaka.

The rooms in this area are not only spacious, but you can also enjoy relaxing in the pool or staying active at the gym.

Parking is not a problem.

There’s a huge car park by the side of the hotel.

This hotel is also near to Malacca’s attractions. If you’re interested in shopping at Mahkota Parade, it’s just a short 5-minute drive away.

Sunshine Inn Plus

the room at sunshine plus is cozy. - great for those looking for cheap budget hotels in melaka raya
Normal PriceRM 65 ++

The Sunshine Inn Plus is a good budget hotel under RM 100 in the Melaka Raya.

The room rates are usually below RM 80.

The rooms are minimalist yet cheerful, and they offer a decent size for the price.

However, if you’re driving, parking is only available on the roadside.

While most of the Bandar Hilirs’ attractions are not far, it is still recommended to use a car (it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes).

Victoria Station

the victoria station is a clean and cheap budget hotel in melaka raya er recommend for solo travellers
Normal PriceRM 150 ++

Victoria Station is a relatively new hotel, so its facilities here are in top condition.

The room sizes are moderate, but they are designed to be simple and comfortable.

Ther MyNews, Tealive, and Old Town are also nearby, so you won’t have to go far for meals or snacks.

However, do note that parking is not free, and is only by the roadside.

M2 Boutique Hotel

the m2 looks comfortable for a budget hotel under RM100 in malacca
Normal PriceRM 115 ++

This recently opened budget hotel features tasteful decor with furnitures from IKEA.

So you are guaranteed of a clean, comfortable and simple room to stay in.

Sightseeing is also easy as the Melaka town is only a short 10-minute drive away.

However, while we love the rooms, there are two weaknesses of this hotel.

Firstly, you have to park by the roadside.

Secondly, it does not have an elevator, so it is important to keep this in mind if you are planning to stay here during your vacation in Melaka.

In Ayer Keroh

If you want to be close to the toll area and attractions such as the Zoo and Crocodile Park, here are some good budget hotels in Ayer Keroh Melaka.

Kobemas Hotel

the kobemas is a simple budget stay in ayer keroh melaka
Normal PriceRM 89 ++

If you’re looking for affordable hotels in Ayer Keroh, this is one of the options available.

The room here is simple, with room ambiance just right for its cheap price.

And when it comes to dining, you’ll find plenty of nearby eateries for easy and convenient meals as the hotel is located in the MITC area.

INB Resort

this budget hotel in ayer keroh melaka has a swimming pool
Normal PriceRM 99 ++

Looking for a budget hotel with a swimming pool in Ayer Keroh?

Give INB Resort a try.

The rooms offer ample space, although the decor may have a traditional touch.

It’s near to the Ayer Keroh toll and along a major road, making it easy to get around.

However, because it is close to the main road a downside is traffic noise could be a nuisance.

Other Areas

Here are some good cheap hotels located outside the city center of Melaka, and you would need a car to get around.

Arissa Hotel

Normal PriceRM 95 ++

Looking for a comfortable budget stay outside the bustling city of Melaka?

The Arissa might be a good choice especially if for ladies.

While the rooms have a minimalist design, they are equipped with convenient amenities such as a mini-bar and complimentary breakfast.

Here, parking spaces are also ample.

And you’ll feel safer — as access to the elevator requires a smart card.

The Nines

the nines is one of the best cheap or budget hotel in melaka although it is not in bandar hilir
Normal PriceRM 99 ++

The Nines is housed in a heritage building but incorporates modern elements.

As a result, you can expect spacious, clean, and simple rooms.

Despite its affordable price of around RM 100, the room size is comparable to a 3-star hotel.

While located outskirt of the town area, attractions in Melaka are still not far away.

12-minutes drive is all it takes to reach most of them.

Cozy Riverside

the yellow building of the cozy riverside hotel melaka
Normal PriceRM 88 ++

This no-frills budget hotel in Bandar Hilir is perfect for those who are not too picky during their vacation.

The rooms may be compact, but they are well-suited for the typical price range below RM90.

Parking is usually easy to find, although it is by the curb.

And if you’re looking for food or want to explore the attractions in the city center of Melaka, it’s just a 15-20 minute drive away.

906 Premier Hotel

the 906 hotel is a budget hotel in melaka with a swimming pool for kids
Normal PriceRM 99 ++

The 906 Premier hotel stands out because it is among the few budget hotels in Melaka that has a swimming pool.

The room is not large but adequate enough if you plan to take a break in Melaka with you little ones and a pool is something your kid needs.

To get anywhere, you’ll need a car. But most attractions in Melaka are no further than 8km.

And the other good thing is parking here is free.

In short, for a budget room under RM 100 with pool, the 906 Premier is as good as it gets.

Sunflower Hotel

the sunflower is among the good cheap hotels in melaka with simple but clean room
Normal PriceRM 95 ++

If location is not a concern for you, Sunflower Hotel is another comfortable budget hotel in Melaka with room rates below RM 100.

The room size is spacious for its price.

The room style is simple and suitable for families.

Parking is available right in front of the hotel.

And the food court is within walking distance from your hotel.

However, having a car is necessary to reach the attractions in Melaka.

JW Boutique

the room in the jw boutique hotel melaka - perfect for budget travellers
Normal PriceRM 89 ++

Important : This hotel might have been closed due to Covid-19

This hotel comes with a clean Scandinavian theme, and perfect for those who want a hotel not in the city, but nearby the Bandar Hilir area.

The rooms here are not only comfortable but also large for under RM100.

Free parking is also plenty,

Nearby your hotel is the Aeon Mall.

And to go for a boat cruise ride on the Melaka Boat Cruise, the jetty at the Taman Rempah is only 10 minutes away by car.

906 Riverside

this is one of the best budget or cheap hotels in melaka if you want something in bandar hilir and by the melaka river
Normal PriceRM 98 ++

Let’s wrap up this list with a cheap hotel that offers a view of the Melaka River — the 906 Riverside hotel.

The room size is average, but easy to walk to the attractions in the heart of Melaka.

If you want to enjoy the famous cendol at Kg Hulu, you can walk to Makan Avenue.

Even Jonker Walk is within walking distance.

However, parking here can be challenging, especially during school holidays.

Okay, so there you go.

These are the best budget hotels for families and solo travellers in Melaka the city.

Most can be had for under RM 100, and some is located right in the heart of the city.

So, which one do you fancy?

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