the list of great hotels near the melaka river cruise jetty

8 Best Hotels Near The Melaka River Cruise Jetty You Can’t Miss!

Wish to stay in a hotel as near as possible to the Melaka river cruise jetty?

We’ve filtered the hotels to 8 best near the area. 

Just pick the jetty area that you prefer.

Near Taman Rempah Jetty 

This is the main jetty for the Melaka river cruise. And we suggest that you ride your boat from this jetty as parking is easy.

The Pines

the pines melaka hotel is the nearest hotel to the taman rempah melaka river cruise jetty
Normal PriceRM 290 ++

The Pines Melaka is the closest hotel to the Taman Rempah jetty.

Your accommodation here is an apartment style room, complete with a living room and a pantry.

Hence it is popular among the families.

Embarking on a delightful boat cruise from your apartment to Taman Rempah is just a quick 5-minute drive away.

Distance to the jetty: 650 m

Tips: This is the closest jetty to Taman Rempah jetty. 

The Shore

the shore hotel is near to the melaka river cruise jetty
Normal PriceRM 240 ++

Are you searching for a hotel that not only offers convenient proximity to the jetty but also boasts a stunning view of the Melaka River?

If so, get yourself a river facing room at The Shore Melaka.

You’ll be delighted to know that the pools at this hotel are spacious and perfect for swimmers of all ages, including children and adults.

There are also a few attractions within the same building – from the toy museum right to the Melaka’s first aquarium.

One minor drawback of this hotel is the limited number of lifts.

During public holidays, you may need to exercise some extra patience.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 1 km

Tips: The bathrooms in this hotel feature frosted glass walls, which adds a unique touch to the design. However, it’s important to note that this may not be ideal for individuals who prioritize privacy.

If you prefer to read the Malay version of this guide you can do it here : 8 Hotel Best Berdekatan River Cruise Melaka.

Swiss Garden 

the swiss garden hotel is also near to the melaka river cruise jetty
Normal PriceRM 250 ++

This hotel is conveniently located next to The Shore hotel, and guests have access to the same swimming pool facility.

If your room overlooks the Melaka River, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the river cruise and the enchanting Morten village at night.

Similar to The Shore, the limited number of lifts can be a problem during holidays.

But to get from this hotel to the Taman Rempah jetty should not be long.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 1 km

Bayview Melaka

the bayview melaka is only 10 minutes away from the melaka river cruise
Normal PriceRM 270 ++

This Bayview Melaka hotel has long been an established hotel in Melaka, so the decors here are a little dated.

But besides that, it comes with spacious and comfortable family rooms. And if you wish for a swim, the hotel also have a pool here.

Getting from here to the jetty is just a short 10-minute drive away.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 750 m

LaCrista Melaka

not only is la crista the most beautiful hotel in melaka, it is also near to the melaka river cruise
Normal PriceRM 280 ++

The La Crista is perhaps one of the most beautiful hotel in Melaka. 

The rooms here are comfortable, and the decor is comfy. There is also a pool for children to swim.

The other good thing is the hotel is certified halal by Jakim (until September 2022). You can enjoy their buffet or breakfast without worry.

And it’s just a quick 12-minute car ride to reach the Melaka River Cruise at the Taman Rempah jetty.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 1 km

Near Muara Sungai Melaka Jetty

The Muara Jetty is a popular river cruise terminal located in the heart of Melaka town, near the Muzium Samudera. Here are some great hotels near the area.

Quayside Hotel

the quayside hotel melaka is just nextdoor to the melaka river cruise jetty
Normal PriceRM 230 ++

Out of all the hotels in Melaka, the Quayside hotel is the closest to the Melaka river cruise jetty.

It was once a warehouse, and the location is next to the Muara jetty.

If you wish to ride the boat, simply stroll over and embark on a delightful boat journey at your convenience. There’s simply no need to drive.

Another bonus is the night view from the room is special. Great for those who enjoy a panoramic view for holiday or honeymoon in Melaka.

But parking near the Muara Jetty can be difficult because it’s located by the main road.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 5 m

JonkeRED Heritage

the jonkered heritage hotel is also near to the muara jetty of the melaka river cruise
Normal PriceRM 190 ++

This small boutique hotel is also close to Muara jetty.

It is suitable for the young because of its hip industrial interior deco. 

And because it is near to the red buildings of ​​Melaka, attractions in the city such as the Stadthuys and the Jonker night market can be visited on foot.

Late-night hunger? No problem!

There’s a nearby 7-Eleven for all your snack cravings.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 300 m

Tips: Due to its location, parking may be a challenge.

The Rucksack Caratel

the rucksack caratel melaka is a hip hotel near the melaka boat jetty
Normal PriceRM 170 ++

This is a hipster hotel that is popular among youngbloods on holiday in Melaka.

The rooms here are clean, stylish and comfortable. There is also a small pool if you want to go for a swim.

Getting to the river cruise jetty in the middle of the city won’t take long.

Just hop on a Grab ride, and you’ll be there in 5-7 minutes.

Distance to river cruise jetty: 850 m

There you go. That’s our list of the best Melaka hotels near the river cruise jetty for you to book for your trip.

For us, the nearest hotel to the jetty that we like is The Pines. But we know that other may also like the Quayside Hotel because of its location.

So, which one do you prefer?

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