There are 4 ways to get from the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) Airport to KL Sentral. Here’s how you can take the 57 km journey :-

1. By Bus (The Cheapest)

There are 2 official bus services serving LCCT – KL Sentral area. Journey time is around 1 hour 15 minutes.

a) Skybus ( Official Airasia Bus)

The red Skybus goes non-stop from the LCCT to KL Sentral. You can wait for the bus right at the entrance of LCCT.

What is the fares like ?

  • Adult RM9 (~Rp28483.42)
  • Child RM4 (~Rp12659.3)

Where to Buy ?

  • Onboard AirAsia flight (from the cabin crew)
  • At designated SkyBus ticket booths
  • At the SkyBus platform

Who To Contact ?

Phone: +(6016)-217 6950

Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm

(For all types of calls)

+6(016)-217 8496

Weekends & Public Holiday

For general enquiries or feedback

Email: [email protected]

b) Aerobus

Your second alternative is the orange and red color Aerobus with a bus departing from LCCT every 30 minutes.

Where to Buy?

The Aerobus Counter at the arrival hall of LCCT.


Starts from 4:30am until 1:30 am.

What is the fares like ?

  • Adult RM8 (~Rp25318.59)
  • Child RM4 (~Rp12659.3)

Who To Contact ?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 6010-2923888 (24 hours) /603-6189 2711 / 603-6185 2712

2. By ERL Train

Another option is to take the ERL Train. From LCCT, a shuttle bus will take you to ERL Salak Tinggi Station. From there, wait for the ERL train (also known as the KLIA Transit) to take you to KL Sentral.

What is the fares like ?

  • Adult RM12.50 (~Rp39560.3)
  • Child RM6 (~Rp18988.94)

Where to Buy ?

LCCT Domestic Arrival Hall ticketing counters.


From 4:30am until 1:30 am

Where to Wait ?

Shuttle Service Bay (opposite Domestic Arrival).

3. Taxi

The fare of your taxi depends on the type of taxi you hail. A Malaysian made sedan (seats 3 to 4 passengers) is the cheapest. Those who wants to travel in style can opt for the luxurious Jaguar.

Where to Buy Your Coupon ?

Taxi and budget van counter (after the baggage checks counters)

Where to Wait ?

Arrival hall exit (near the Coffee Beans)


24 hours

What is the estimated fares to KL Sentral?

  • Budget (4 passengers below) : RM75 (~Rp237361.8)
  • Premier (4 passengers below) : RM103 (~Rp325976.87)
  • Family (8 passengers or below) : RM200 (~Rp632964.8)
  • Luxury (no info)

Please note that there is a 50% surcharge between midnight and 6.00 AM.

4. SkyVans

skyvan lcctSkyvan is operated by the same company that handles the Skybus. The difference is you charter the whole 8 or 10 seater van to yourself or family.

Where to Buy Your Ticket ?

At the SkyVans/Budget Vans booths at LCCT. Or book via phone numbers below.


Up to you

What is the estimated fare?

Starts from RM155 (~Rp490547.72)

Who To Contact ?

Phone +6016-2176950/+603-62012742 for further details

E-mail [email protected]

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