Aquaria KLCC’s Cage Rage Tickets


Join the Aquaria KLCC’s Cage Rage Experience — and get up close to the sharks, stingrays and other creatures in the aquarium with the safety of a steel cage.

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Aquaria KLCC’s Cage Rage Ticket Price

Ticket PriceAdult (RM)
Cage Rage235
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Things You Can Do Here

  • Swim with the sharks in the Aquaria KLCC, and see this massive creature along with other marine animals without having to dive deep in the ocean.
  • Experience it safely with the Cage Rage Experience — where you can safely observe them in the safety of Aquaria’s custom made underwater cage.
  • Have an exhilarating day and lots of photo opportunity (bring your action cam!) for once in a lifetime experience.
  • See stingrays, sharks and other hard to find sea creatures under the safe guidance of Aquaria’s well trained divers.
  • No diving experience? No worries as the Cage Rage is open not only for divers but also for beginners.
  • Have questions about the Cage Rage in this KLCC Aquarium? See the FAQ for answers.
aquaria klcc shark feeding


How many people will be in the cage at one time?

There’s a maximum number of 3 people at one time.

What's the time slots I can choose for Cage Rage?

The dive is only at 11:00 am on these days : Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Be sure to get here a minimum 30 minutes before your dive for safety briefings, change of suits etc.

Is there a safety precautions I need to know?

Yes. For safety reasons, you are strictly prohibited from traveling via airplane for 24 hours before or after completing this Cage Rage diving program.

Can my children join Cage Rage?

Yes, but only if he or she is 15 years and above.

I am a disabled person. May I join?

We are sorry, but the Cage Rage is not suitable for people with disabilities for now.

Can I bring my camera?

Only GoPro cameras are allowed for this program. Other underwater/ waterproof cameras are not allowed to be brought into the cage.

Average Time Spent Here

3 Hours

From Kuala Lumpur city center

0 km

Opening Hours

11 am on selected days (see FAQ)