Ben’s Vintage Toys Museum

The toys showcased here are more like precious antiques than toys.

ben's old toy museum penang

Credit : Florence Ivy, Lord Enfield

So not only will it delight your kids, it would also put a smile on you or even your grandma.

Some of these toys are made in the 1940s — the typical tin cars, robots and wind up mechanical toys that are still working until now.

And apart from robots and action figures, there are also dolls that would haunt you with their stares, just like ones in the scary movies.

This museum is near the Kapitan Keling mosque. Don’t forget to drop by to see the historical place before you leave the area okay?

Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

Adult : RM 6 (~$1.51)
Children : RM 3 (~$0.75)

a robot in the old toy museum penang

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