Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

In normal zoos, feeding the animals is a big no, no. Unlike here.

langkawi wildlife park

In the Bird Paradise Wildlife Park Langkawi, not only could you watch the animals, but you are encouraged to feed the them — from the tame love birds right to the smelly donkeys.

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Your kids will love this park. Because they could do what they have always wanted to do in the zoo — feel the moist tongue of these animals on their palm, and giggle when the fur of the animals touch their cheek.

Before you leave, make sure you snap your pictures with the phytons.

Ticket Prices / Entrance Fee

Citizens with MyKad
Adults: RM24 (~$6.13)
Children: RM16 (~$4.11)

Foreign Tourists
Adults: RM39 (~$9.96)
Children: RM22 (~$5.62)

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