Borobudur + Prambanan ( Sunrise Tour)

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Get on the Borobudur + Prambanan ( Sunrise Tour) and marvel at the 2 best attractions of Jogjakarta — the Borobudur and the Prambanan temple complex.

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Borobudur + Prambanan ( Sunrise Tour) Price

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the borobudur temple complex in the yogjakarta indonesia - one of the wonders of the ancient world

Things You Can Do Here

  • Get ready to see the majestic view of Borobudur (one of the 7 wonders of the world) bathed in sunlight as you arrive in the temple area around sunrise.
  • Get the chance to see Prambanan temple, the biggest Hindu complex in Indonesia which was abandoned due to politics or volcano eruption.
  • Enjoy the beautiful Javanese landscape, pass through local villages and see the Merapi volcano from afar at discounted tour price.
  • Find your best view points in these candis to capture one of the most magical photography moments in your life.
  • Enjoy this Yogjakarta temple tour with a convenient pickup and drop off service to your hotel.
  • If you prefer to see them separately (at the best magical moments), you may also join the Borobudur Sunrise Tour or the Prambanan Sunset Tour.
  • If you want to see both temples, but during the day, and at cheaper price, join the normal Borobudur + Prambanan temples day tour instead.
  • Want something more extreme? The Borobudur + Prambanan + Merapi Volcano tour on jeep.
  • Have a question about the Borobudur + Prambanan ( Sunrise Tour)? Check the tour info for a brief information on the places you’ll see.
a monk at the borobudur temple complex indonesia

Tour Info

Borobudur Temple Complex Yogjakarta

  • The Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a 9th-century Buddhist temple complex in Magelang, Indonesia.
  • Located 45 km way from Yogjakarta city, the complex is considered one of world’s greatest ancient monuments, at par with the Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
  • At 2500m square, the Borobudur temple complex is also the world’s largest Buddhist temple.
  • The temple is built with nine stacked platforms, and contains 576 Buddha statues.
  • It was built on the Kedu Plain, also known as the garden of Java due to it’s high fertility.
  • The temple is surrounded by 4 volcanoes (or 2 twin volcanoes) – Merbabu and Merapi and Sundoro and Sumbing.
  • Until today, why the complex was built and why it was abandoned is still a mystery as no written records about them exist.

Prambanan Temple Complex

  • The Prambanan temple complex is also known as Rara Jonggrang (Temple of the Slender Virgin) and is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia.
  • Located 17 km northeast of the city of Jogjakarta, the Prambanan Temple is the largest temple compound dedicated to Hinduism in Indonesia.
  • Built in the 8th century, the temple itself is a complex consisting of 240 temples, and was a depiction of the Ramayana story.
  • The Prambanan compound is considered an architectural and cultural treasure. It also serves as a proof of the region’s high levels of stone building technology and architecture.
  • The temple is surrounded by gorgeous, lush greeneries and villages that lives up to its name as a beautiful Prambanan complex.
  • It was an important center of worship until it collapsed due to earthquake, volcanic eruption and a shift of political power in the early 11th century.
  • The compound were rediscovered in the 17th century. The restoration work that took place for decades has since turned the it into a must-visit place in Jogjakarta.

From Jogjakarta City Center

45 km / 1 hour 15 min)

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