Dayang Bunting Lake

This freshwater lake is as huge as 2 soccer field and full of myths and tales.

dayang bunting jetty

Credit : Reza

The name Tasik Dayang Bunting means The Pregnant Maiden Lake. And it gets its name from the look of the mountainous area around it that appears like a pregnant women laying on her back.

Some people are here to visit. But others are here to drink the lake water — believed to be able to help barren women conceive a child.

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How To Get to Tasik Dayang Bunting

This lake is 20km away from the Kuah town. So you will need to get on a boat via the Island Hopping Package to get here.

What Can You Do Here?

You may relax at the floating platform on the lake, dipping your toes into the water and enjoy the feeling of fish biting away your dead skins.

If you could swim, you may enjoy the depth of the lake.

Those on romantic trip could also rent solar a powered kayak or a boat to go around the lake.

Legend of White Crocs

A white crocodile is said to be living in the lake.

But so far no one has ever seen it — nor has there been cases of crocodile attacks reported in the lake.


1. The lake is 3 storey deep. Look after your children as there are no life guard on duty.

2. Even if you could swim, we suggest you rent a life jacket as a precaution. There have been deaths in this lake.

Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

Adults: RM5 (~$1.24)
Children: RM3 (~$0.74)