Feringghi Beach


While the sea is murky, you could still swim or sit by the beach.

This is Penang’s most well known beach area. And because of the view, most 5 star hotels in the island is built near the beach side.

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There’s some water actions you could do (swim or ride a water scooter). And you could also ride on a horse if you are here in the afternoon.

What’s Around Here

For families, the Feringghi is nice place for the little ones to play and swim because the waves are friendly in the afternoon.

But if you are used to the sea, just sit under the trees and enjoy the view.


1. At night, go to the pedestrian paths by the Feringghi roadside and see what the longest night market in Malaysia has to offer.

2. Before 9 in the morning, the area lacks crowd. It will feel like a private beach, that is, if you want to swim in comfort.

3. While the Feringghi area is well known for its many 5 stars hotels, there are budget hotels in the area. These smaller hotels are usually the ones across the road, away from the beach side.