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Grab your Kidzania Singapore discount tickets and let your kids walk into Singapore’s coolest kid sized city and let them live their childhood dreams in the Sentosa island.

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Kidzania Singapore Ticket Price

Ticket TypeAdult (S$)Child (S$)
Non Singaporean3559
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the kidzania singapore ticket lets you be a doctor, complete with your doctor robe and clinic for a day

Things You Can Do Here

  • Let them enjoy their day playing surgeon, firefighter or be a pilot for the Qatar Airways. Watch them perform surgery in the Mount Elizabeth Hospital, combat fire and be a banker for a day in Maybank.
  • Encourage your kids to try their dream jobs, balance their finances and have fun in Kidzania’s engaging play space (featuring even an indoor airport area).
  • Let them save up some Kidzania money (Kidzos) and keep them in the Kidzania bank for future use.
  • Leave your kids to their imagination, while you are free to shop around for the duration of their play.
  • Teach your kids grown-up responsibilities and the workings of a modern city all through indirect play.
  • Have a question about Kidzania Singapore in the Sentosa island? See the FAQ 
a group of children playing surgeon in the kidzania singapore in the sentosa island


Who Should visit Kidzania Singapore?

Kidzania is suitable for all kids age 4 to 17.

Do I need to accompany my kids?

Yes if they are  below 8 years old (adult supervision is mandatory) or if you want to snap pictures of them here.

But kids 8 and above are allowed to explore this park on their own.

Is there any restaurant or food outlet in Kidzania Singapore?

Yes. There are a few eateries here. And for a halal meal, you can dine at the KFC in Kidzania.

Can my kids bring outside food in?

No. Unless it is medically prescribed by a doctor.

Can my child exit and re-enter Kidzania Singapore on the same day with the same ticket?


Can an adult enter Kidzania on his/her own?

No. Adults entering KidZania Singapore must be accompanied by at least a child (aged 2 – 17).

Is there any other Kidzania in Southeast Asia?

Yes, of course. There’s the cheaper Kidzania Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and there’s also the Kidzania Bangkok in Thailand and the Jakarta in Indonesia.

The one is Bangkok is said to be the largest indoor Kidzania in the world.

Where Does Kidzania Originates Actually?

The first Kidzania actually started in the Mexico in 1999 by a businessman, Xavier López Ancona.

He is called the businessman who make millions by putting kids to work – legally.

Average Time Spent Here 

3 - 3.5 Hours

From Singapore City Center

9.5 km /25 min drive

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun : 10 am – 6 pm