Kinabalu Park + Poring Day Tour



Join this Kinabalu Park tour and set yourself to see the beauty of the Kundasang area and the Kinabalu Park’s green areas with your own eyes.

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Kinabalu Park + Poring Day Tour Price

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the poring canopy or hanging bridge is near to the kota kinabalu park and you can get on it during your kinabalu park trip

Things You Can Do Here

  • See the rare Rothschild Orchid in the botanical garden – a rare orchid endemic only to the Kinabalu mountain area and is said to be the most expensive orchid  in the world (USD 5,000 for each stem in the black market) in your day trip.
  • Try the Kinabalu Park canopy walk in the Poring hot water area during your day tour.
  • See insects and rare plants in Mount Kinabalu’s Park – Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Refresh yourself in Sabah’s Poring hot spring, a historical natural spring first discovered by the Japanese armies during the World War.
  • Enjoy these 2 must see attractions in Sabah with easy return transfer back to your hotel.
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the kinabalu mountain from a far looks majestic, just as the stunning as the amount of flora and fauna you could find here during tour or trip from your kinabalu hotel

Tour Info

The Sabah's Kinabalu Park

  • See the flora and fauna in Malaysia’s first UNESCO Heritage site, built at the base of the tallest mountain in the Borneo.
  • This Sabah mountain, called “Aki Nabalu” is sacred to locals and thought to be the “revered abode of the dead”. Local tribes believe that spirits of their ancestors inhabit the top of the mountain.
  •  This botanical park is home to over 5,000 species of vascular plants. and 1,500 species of orchids. This includes the rare Rothschild slipper orchid – said to be the most expensive orchid in the world, and endemic only to the Kinabalu area.

Poring Hot Spring

  • First discovered and developed by the Japanese army when they invaded the country, the Poring natural sulphurous water is said to be very healing and soothing to the body.
  • Be prepared to for big crowds during weekend.
  • Those who can muster a 20 minutes hike may enjoy the Kinabalu Park canopy walk. The bridge is built 40 meters above ground.