Kuala Lumpur Private Car Charter (Half Day)


Hire a Kuala Lumpur Private Car Charter for Half Day and discover the city of Kuala Lumpur with a private car charter and a professional driver.

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Kuala Lumpur Private Car Charter (Half Day) Price

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kuala lumpur private charter car

What You'll Get

  • Have a hassle free way of seeing Kuala Lumpur’s landmarks in a group of up to 7 travellers with an easy car charter.
  • Be the master of your trip: Set your own time, see what you want to see, and travel at your leisure.
  • Travel around the city with your elderlies or babies hassle free.
  • Make full use of your precious time. Explore Kuala Lumpur to the max, and avoid wasting time waiting for buses and taxis under the hot humid weather.
  • If you need a longer charter, get yourself the full day charter instead.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer a tourist bus, the Hop on Hop off bus is also available in KL.