Langkawi Cable Car ( 4 in 1) Ticket



Get your Langkawi Cable Car  ticket and feel the thrill of riding the longest cable car line in Malaysia up to the ancient Gunung Mat Chincang.

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Langkawi Cable Car Skycab (4 In 1) Ticket Price

Walk-In Ticket PriceAdult (RM)Child (RM)
Non Malaysian8565
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langkawi cable car journey from the middle station to the top

What You'll Get
  • See the Gunung Mat Chinchang forest area, said to be 450 millions years old, making it older than the dinosaurs and the oldest forest area in the Southeast Asia.
  • Feel what it’s like to ride on 2.2 km long cable car line, with the views of the Langkawi island, the Andaman sea up to the neighboring Thailand.
  • Get to the top station and optionally walk on to the famous curved Langkawi Sky Bridge (at extra cost) and feel the fresh blowing mountain air and catch the panoramic view of the area.
  • Get to the top of the station ( where you can get on the bridge) or choose to go back half way from the middle station if the thrill is just too much for you.
  • Get your complimentary 4 in 1 ticket and enjoy other attractions on top of the Skycab ride (the 3D Museum, Skyrex and Skydome).
  • Enjoy the attractions around base area of the cable car (called the Oriental Village) with souvenir shops, petting zoo and more within its vicinity.
  • Have questions? See the FAQ for answers.

Langkawi Skycab Ride

A must see attraction in Langkawi, the skycab cable car ride is among the steepest in the world, heading up to one of the oldest rainforest in the region.

Enjoy 3 free entrance (to Skydome, Skyrex and 3D Museum) complementary with your Langkawi Cable Car ticket.

langkawi skycab ride
skytrail trek in mat chincang langkawi

Langkawi Skytrail

Want to see what it’s like to be in a an ancient forest hundreds of million years of age? Why not join the jungle trekking tour from the middle station to the top. Opt for the Skytrail package and get the cable car ride included in your tour.

Langkawi Skybridge

Once you reach the top station, you may get to the Skybridge, the unique curved bridge on top of the mountain. You may walk, but the easiest way to get to the bridge is by a Skyglide. (Note: Access to Skybridge is optional. You need to pay for the ticket to get on the bridge)

walking on skybridge langkawi after skycab reaches top station


How many people can one gondola/ skycab fits in?

Each gondola can accommodate 6 persons with a total weight of 480kg.

How long will it takes for me to reach the top station?

The average ride time is 15 minutes.

But take note that your gondola will stop on the middle station and you may get off here.

From the middle station, you can opt to go to the top or head back to the base.

Will I share my ride with other travellers?

Yes. Unless you personally charter a cable car for yourself. 

What's The Queue to the cable car like?

The queue can take hours if you come during holidays/ school holidays as this is Langkawi’s top attraction.

Is there an express ticket to Langkawi cable car?

Yes. If you don’t want to queue, there’s an express lane ticket that you may buy.

Are all the gondolas/ skycab the same?

No. For a more thrilling ride, you can get on a special glass floor cable car.

For a more comfortable ride, you can get on the specially made 3 seater VIP skycab too.

Is the Langkawi Skybridge around this area?

Yes. The famous Langkawi curved bridge is built on top of the mountain and is near the top station.

Do I need to ride on the skycab to get on the bridge?

Yes. You need to at least get to the middle station using the skycab.

From the middle station to the bridge, you may hike or take a ride using the cable car again.

Is there an extra ticket I need to pay to get the skybridge?

Yes. Your skycab ticket only lets you ride the cable car to Gunung Mat Chinchang and back to the base station.

To get to the bridge, you need to pay an access fee. The entrance fee varies to RM5 if you walk to it or RM 15 if you take the Skyglide (for a 10 minutes ride).

Why do I need to pay to get on the bridge?

The bridge is designed to take only 200 visitors at a time.

Ticketing is one of the way to make sure the number do not exceed that at any given time.

Is there a public transport to get here?

The only public transport to the Langkawi Cable Car is by taxi.

But since you will have trouble getting one back to your hotel from here, we suggest you hire a car or rent a scooter here (like what most travellers do).

Why do I need to pay to get on the bridge?

The bridge is designed to take only 200 visitors at a time.

Ticketing is one of the way to make sure the number do not exceed that at any given time.

Average Time Spent Here 

2 Hours

From Langkawi City Center

30 km / 35 min drive

Opening Hours

Sun – Fri: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Saturday / School & Public Holidays : 9:30 am – 7 pm

Yearly maintenance (normally early half of April).

Weekly maintenance (normally Wednesday, until 12 pm. Service resumes after that)

Check the timings here.