Langkawi Crocodile Park

This is the biggest crocodile park in Malaysia

a man on the back of a massive crocodile at the crocodile park langkawi

Credit : Cecil Lee

If you want to see the whole life cycle of a crocodile — from the eggs until full blown aged reptile, this is the right place to be.

You could also watch the Bujang Kawi. This massive crocodile is special — not because it is as heavy as 7 men, but because it was born toothless and needed to be isolated from the other crocodiles.

Crocodile Leather Anyone?

Have you seen someone with a crocodile wallet? Yes, this is one of the places where you could get a wallet, handbag or shoes made from the skin of this reptile.

These exotic goods start at RM 150 (~€31.73)

Feeding & Show Time

Show : 11:00 am dan 2:45 pm
Feeding : 10:30 am

Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

Citizens with MyKad
Adults: RM15 (~€3.17)
Children: RM10 (~€2.12)

Foreign Tourists
Adults: RM39 (~€8.25)
Children: RM22 (~€4.65)

UPDATE: The Bujang Kawi is dead. Post mortem done found that it ate rubbish thrown by visitors into it’s enclosure. In its stomach were plastics, coins (3 containers full) and even glass bottles.

man feeding a group of crocodile closely