Mahsuri Tomb

Langkawi’s iconic legend, Mahsuri was said to be buried in this area. Check your ticket price for this Langkawi attraction today.

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If you haven’t heard, the legend was that the island was cursed for 7 generations by Mahsuri, an innocent lady who was wrongly killed by the ruler of the island for adultery.

After her death, the island was said to be attacked by the Siamese army and it was only 200 years later (end of the 7th generation) that Langkawi receives much government interest till what it looks today.

The complex here contains a tomb, believed to belong to Mahsuri. While the rest of her family reside now in Phuket, Thailand.

Apart from the tomb, there is also a replica of the Kedah traditional house, a small museum about the legend a theather re-enacting the tales on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( around 3pm)