Mangrove Tour

If you are here with a group of friends, charter a boat and get into the mangroves.

boat around limestone at kilim mangrove tour langkawi

Credit : Jack

With this trip you will be taken to see wild Langkawi mangroves and limestones that has been here for thousands of years.

Your guide will also take you to see an eagle feeding session, visit a fishery and out to the Andaman ocean that borders Thailand.

How To Take The Tour

The tour can be taken via boats in the Kilim Jetty

Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

Package starts from RM300 (~$76.62) for an 8 seater boat. Your visit will last for an hour.

But if you want to explore more, there’s a 4 hour package starting at RM500 (~$127.7) for one boat. Depending on your guide, you might have lunch and snorkeling activities bundled up together.

boat at kilim

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