Mari Mari Cultural Village Tour



Join this Mari Mari Cultural Village tour and see the houses, the culture and the native Sabahan – once living deep in the heart of the Borneo jungle.

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Mari Mari Cultural Village Tour Price

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you'll learn how to do thing the Borneo style during your visit to the mari-mari village - like this one, making fire from natural things in the wild

Things You Can Do Here

  • Learn the traditional way of life of the Borneo’s indigenous people – see the houses, walk on their bridges, watch their dances and try their food with just one entrance fee.
  • Watch how the natives set fire without gas and matches, make blow pipes and  even cool tattoos from natural plants scoured from the forest.
  • Walk into the life of the Murut — the headhunter tribe of Borneo and see the skulls of those unlucky warriors, defeated by the ancestors of those you’ll meet in Mari Mari.
  • Learn about their culture – which most probably is far different from yours. For example, to get married, a man must present at least one head to the family of the girl he intend to marry.
  • Experience all these, inclusive of the entrance fee and at the comfort of return transport direct from your hotel to the Mari Mari Cultural Village, Sabah.
  • Alternatively, if you want to feel the nostalgic era of steam railway cutting across Borneo, why not try the North Borneo railway tour too?
for refreshment during the trip to mari-mari, you'll be served native food - from bamboos like this one


Why Mari Mari?

You can’t go home from here without going to Mari Mari Cultural Village.

The village is unique as it preserves the identity of the ethnic groups of the original Borneo dwellers.

Gathered in one central location, you’ll not only meet, but also get immerse in the culture of the people once so feared for their headhunting culture and their expertise to thrive in the harsh Borneo jungle.

Mari Mari Culture Village Tour

  • The Mari Mari is a living museum, 25 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
  • It contains various houses of the indigenous people of Borneo and preserves the knowledge, history, culture, and tradition of the tribes.
  • There are 5 tribes in this Mari Mari village. From the rice farming Kadazan to the feared headhunter tribe of Murut (the Murut are in fact the last tribe to renounce headhunting in Borneo).
  • The houses, outfits and food are authentic examples of the tribes before modernity embraces the island.
  • Your Mari Mari Cultural Village trip not only introduces you to the Borneo native lifestyle, but you will also get the chance to talk and mingle with the once feared warriors of the jungle.

From Kota Kinabalu City Center

19 km / 50 min