Mulu National Park Tour 3D2N


Get on this 3d2n tour of the Mulu cave, pave your way into Borneo’s dense jungle and marvel at one of the world’s biggest cave passage.

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Mulu National Park Tour 3D2N Price

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you will get on a boat ride up the river during your mulu cave tour

Things You Can Do Here

  • See amazing limestone formation started 40 millions years ago, walk by a native ancient burial site and marvel at the flora and fauna living in the Borneo jungle and caves.
  • Experience walking in the Mulu cave passages with opening chambers so large they dwarf you into insignificance.
  • See for yourself the Clearwater cave, with approximately 60 km of known passages, considered the longest cave system in Southeast Asia.
  • If you want a shorter National Park trip while in Sabah, you may also opt for the Bako National Park tour too.
you'll also have the chance to go an this bridge during your mulu cave tour in sarawak

Tour Info

The Mulu National Park

Mulu National Park is 40 million years old and is home to gigantic caves. Awarded the iconic World Heritage Area title, the park stands at 55,000 hectares and is the biggest National Park in Sarawak.

In the 3d2N Mulu National Park Tour, you’ll be visiting the area’s famous caves.

The Deer Cave

  • At over 125m high, the deer cave is the second largest cave passage in the world.
  • It is named the Deer cave since deers are said to flock here to lick salt-bearing rocks and shelter themselves.
  • On the way to reach Deer cave, you will walk through including heavy Borneo rainforest, jungle streams and an ancient Penan burial cave.
  • The cave is home to 2 – 3 million bats.
  • The cave eventually opens into the so-called Garden of Eden — a section of the cave where a hole in the cave roof lets in a shaft of light. This leads to lush vegetation to thrive.
  • If you are standing at the right spot in Deer Cave, the cave entrance rocks resemble the side feature of Abraham Lincoln’s face.

Lang Cave

  • A smaller but well lit cave, the Lang Cave has beautiful rock stalagmites and stalactites.
  • There is a section in the cave that resembled a ton of jellyfishes.

Wind Cave & Clear Water

  • On your way here, you will cruise up the Melinau River in a longboat and visit the Penan longhouse market.
  • The Wind Cave is so named because of the cool breeze at the cave’s narrow sections.
  • The Clearwater is Southeast Asia’s longest underwater river.
  • The total length of the Clearwater Cave system is more than 197 kilometres.

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