Old Kuala Lumpur Train Station


The old KL railway station near the Chinatown is one of the most majestic Moorish inspired buildings in Malaysia.

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Built in 1910 by A.B Hubbock, this historical station used to receive trains from the North of Malaya and Singapore until KL Sentral took over in 2001.

It comes with a Maharaja styled theme — a wonderful way of telling outside visitors that they have arrived in Asia. And the minarets are filled with turrets — a sign that this is a city whose main population are Muslims.

If you want an excellent photo opportunities, wait for afternoon sunlight.

How To Get Here?

The station is hard to access by foot. From Chinatown cross the pedestrian bridge to Dayabumi. Then head south around the back of the KL Post Office building to the underpass that leads to Masjid Negara.