Payar Island

Want to swim with hundreds of fish? Head on to the Payar Island then.

payar island view

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In this island, you may swim by the beach area. Or go scuba diving in groups alongside sea creatures you may only see in your TV.

If you are lucky, you might see dolphins, whales and whale sharks in the hotter time of the island ( October till February).

What Can You Do In The Payar Island?

Most of you will spend time snorkelling in the sea. But you could also go into the jungle for birdwatching or jungle tracking.

How to Get To Payar Island

There are 3 ways to get to Payar Island

  • From the Kuala Kedah jetty (30 min)
  • From the Langkawi jetty ( 1 hour)
  • From the Penang island ( 2 hours).

But most of you will get here via a package by a tourist agency in Langkawi. If you do, the equipment, transportation to and from your hotel, insurance and lunch should all be included together.

Pulau Payar Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

There are  2 packages here :

1. Beach Package
This normally starts at RM230 (~€48.65). You will be sent to the beach area for some snorkelling activities. Your lunch is usually packed  in a food container.

2. Deep Sea/Coral Package
This package starts at RM390 (~€82.49). And you will get into action from a platform in the sea, where fish is aplenty.

If you come with someone who are not interested in diving, he or she could walk at the observation deck underneath the station.

Your lunch will be in buffet style.

Important Tips

1. There are no hotels here. There are only small chalets for you to rest while you wait for your boat.

2. There is a small praying room here for muslims.

3. This island lack fresh water and all the toilets here use saltwater. Please bring your own water to clean yourself.

4. Bring your sunblocks and food (if needed) as there’s no shop around.

5. You will start you trip in the morning and you’ll end it in the afternoon. You’ll be exhausted to do anything else after the trip. Plan your time well.