Royal Selangor Pewter Tour & Pewter Workshop


Join the Royal Selangor Pewter & Pewter Making Workshop tour and see how pewters are cast, polished, soldered and engraved.

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Royal Selangor Pewter Tour Price

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Things You Can Do Here

  • Learn about the Royal Selangor Pewter history and craftsmanship skills in the original country where it was first started.
  • See how the factory’s in house Selberan’s fine jewellery are made.
  • Join the Royal Selangor their ‘School of Hard Knocks’ class — a  pewtersmithing workshop for beginners. Engrave your name and bring back your simple, personalised hand made gift home.
  • Enjoy all this with the comfort of pickup and return transfer to your hotel.
royal selangor pewter factory

World Class Heritage

What started as a simple ancestral altar ornaments company now blossoms into a well established, and internationally acclaimed jewelry empire. 

malay kite made by the royal selangor

Royal Selangor Pewter Background

Early Years

The Royal Selangor humble beginning started around 1890s and it began as a tiny enterprise, building altars for the migrant Chinese.

30 – 40s years later, it morphed into making collectables for the British.

During the Japanese occupation, the company made sake bottles for the Japanese military.

After the Malayan independence, the company continues with pewter and was the first Malaysian company that embarked on making European styled jewelry.

Modern Times

In 1989 and 1993, the company bought over 2 London pewter and silver companies.

It is now considered one of the largest pewter company in the world.

Its products are not only sold in Malaysia but also in exclusive stores all over the world ( such as in the Harrods, London).

The name Royal Selangor Pewter is now changed to only Royal Selangor as its product range had expanded to include items from other materials.

Average Tour Time 

4 Hours

From KL City Center

10 km / 20 min