Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls


The folks in the island of Langkawi said this waterfalls is where the spirits bath. Are you ready to swim?

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If you are not afraid of that, get your gears because you’ll be able to enjoy cooling water in 7 natural lakes.

You Need Some Stamina

To get here, you need to go up 600 steps. So make sure you come prepared with water and the right shoes.

If you’re tired while hiking, there are resting areas on your way. But beware of the monkeys that are ever ready to snatch your food or gears.

Jungle Trail

If you are into adventure, you could explore the nearby mountain area by following the jungle tracks here.

But these trails are not for everyone. Your path could be slippery, tough and even dangerous. Stick to the trails and follow the signboards.

Best Time To Be Here

During the high tourist season (late November till February) the water here is normally shallow.

The best time is to get here during the wetter time of the year.