Telaga Waja Whitewater Rafting



Embark on a water adventure with at Bali’s Telaga Waja River white water rafting in a medium-level (Class III-IV) river during your trip to this island.

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Telaga Waja Whitewater Rafting

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Things You Can Do Here

  • See and get refreshed around the tropical waterfalls in the Telaga Waja river.
  • Enjoy the river and rapids under the safe hands of Bali Sobek, one of Indonesia’s most renowned operator.
  • Experience the Telaga Waja rafting with a comfortable transport back to your hotel.
  • Alternatively, try the Ayung River whitewater rafting too while you are in Ubud Bali.
  • Have a question about the Telaga Waja River White Water Rafting Tour ? See the tour info for a brief information of it.
telagawaja white water rafting in bali

Tour Info

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali

  • The Telaga Waja river is situated in eastern Bali, 50 km or ( 1 hr 20 min) from Kuta.
  • Your trip begins in the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung.
  • You’ll start 190 meter above sea level and finish 90 meter above sea level.
  • Your journey will take about 10 km with rafting time of 1.5 hours

White Water Rafting Class

  • The Telaga Waja river is a Class 3+ rapids with continuous drop style – perfect for Intermediate levels.