Underwater World Langkawi

The Underwater World Langkawi in Pantai Cenang showcases not only fish, but also penguins.

weird creature in the langkawi underwater world

Credit :Ray McLaughlin

This aquarium has three main superstar. The African penguins, the Rockhopper penguins and the smallest monkey in the world, the Marmoset.

If you plan to be here, make sure you come early and watch them during the feeding time. The penguins will make you and your kids laugh. Promise.

Credit via www.flickr.com

Other Creatures

In addition to penguins, there are also the tropical areas where you could see coral reefs of various types and colors.

Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

Citizens with MyKad
Adults: RM36 (~$9.21)
Children: RM26 (~$6.64)

Foreign Tourists
Adults: RM46 (~$11.76)
Children: RM36 (~$9.21)

a weird sea creature in the underwater world langkawi

Credit via www.flickr.com