Attractions in Langkawi for 2016

Find Langkawi for 2016. Sift through the best that this place has to offer

1 Langkawi Cable Car

Riding the Langkawi cable car is scary. But you must try it at least once in your lifetime.

  • Langkawi
  • RM 45
Langkawi Cable Car

2 Payar Island

Want to swim with hundreds of fish? Head on to the Payar Island then.

  • Langkawi
  • RM 230
Payar Island

3 Galeria Perdana

This gallery showcases gifts received by the longest serving prime minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Muhammad

  • Langkawi
  • RM 10
Galeria Perdana

4 Mangrove Tour

If you are here with a group of friends, charter a boat and get into the mangroves.

  • Langkawi
  • RM 300
Mangrove Tour

5 Langkawi Canopy Adventure

Love nature? Breathe adventure? Let's get into the jungle with the Langkawi Canopy Adventure

  • Langkawi
  • RM 180
Langkawi Canopy Adventure

6 HeliOutpost

Langkawi sightseeing from above? Why not?

  • Langkawi
  • RM 550

7 Skytrex Langkawi

Not afraid of heights? Want to feel the thrill ziplining in a tropical forest?

  • Langkawi
  • RM 45
Skytrex Langkawi

11 Tanjung Rhu

The beach here is more secluded and lack the crowds in Cenang.

  • Langkawi
  • Free
Tanjung Rhu

12 Skydive Langkawi

Do you want to see the island from 10,000 feet above the ground?

  • Langkawi
  • RM 1290
Skydive Langkawi

13 Laman Padi

Want to feel what it's like to be in a paddy field?

  • Langkawi
  • Free
Laman Padi

14 Island Horses Langkawi

Fancy riding a horse by the sea? Or in the jungle? You could try the Island Horses

  • Langkawi
  • RM 60
Island Horses Langkawi

15 Island Hopping

Get on a boat to explore more of Langkawi with the island hopping trip

  • Langkawi
  • RM 50
Island Hopping