Attractions in Penang for 2016

Find Penang for 2016. Sift through the best that this place has to offer

1 Penang Hill

Ride the tram in Penang Hill and enjoy the view.

  • Penang
  • RM 30
Penang Hill

2 Camera Museum

This fascinating camera museum will take you to the time when cameras are massive and expensive

  • Penang
  • RM 20
Camera Museum

3 Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, or the blue mansion is one of the top 10 historic mansion in the world.

  • Penang
  • RM 17
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

4 Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi was so spectacular, even the gods wanted it burnt

  • Penang
  • RM 10
Khoo Kongsi

5 Escape Theme Park

Feel what it's like to be a kid again at the Escape theme park Penang

  • Penang
  • RM 83
Escape Theme Park

6 Gurney Drive

Craving for hawkers food for dinner or supper?

  • Penang
  • Free
Gurney Drive

9 Penang Ferry

Hop on these ferries for some great seaviews

  • Penang
  • RM 7.70
Penang Ferry

10 Dark Mansion Penang

This is another 3D museum, but with some glow in the dark paintings.

  • Penang
  • RM 27
Dark Mansion Penang

12 Adventure Zone

This small attraction for kid is hidden in the resort, but it is a good thing.

  • Penang
  • RM 35
Adventure Zone

13 Gohkaki Museum

Go back to the old days and see how we used to make our own games

  • Penang
  • RM 5
Gohkaki Museum

14 Sun Yat Sen Museum

Sounds like a novel. But this small house in this tiny island was the hub to topple the emperor of China.

  • Penang
  • RM 5
Sun Yat Sen Museum

15 Feringghi Beach

While the sea is murky, you could still swim or sit by the beach.

  • Penang
  • Free
Feringghi Beach