Attractions in Penang for 2016

1 Flee Sixty Room Escape

Do have extra time in Feringghi? Want to see if you can think under pressure?

  • Penang
  • RM 39
Flee Sixty Room Escape

2 Penang State Park

Who could have imagined that an island as tiny as Penang could have it's own state park?

  • Penang
  • Free
Penang State Park

3 Upside Down Museum

Yes -- another place for photo actions. And believe nothing you see.

  • Penang
  • RM 27
Upside Down Museum

6 PG Gold Museum

Feeling rich? Want to be surrounded by gold?

  • Penang
  • RM 28
PG Gold Museum

7 Wax Museum Penang

This is no Madame Tussauds. But it's enough to satisfy your curiosity

  • Penang
  • RM 35
Wax Museum Penang

8 Fort Cornwallis

This is where the tiny island of Penang started.

  • Penang
  • RM 20
Fort Cornwallis

9 P Ramlee House

Are you a fan of the legendary Malaysian star -- P Ramlee? Get to know him better here.

  • Penang
  • Free
P Ramlee House