Escape the scorching heat with Cameron Highlands breezy, cold mountain air. Sip your freshest cup of tea right by the plantation, pick your own juicy red strawberries or be mesmerized by the magical mossy forest. 

Pick a tour 

Cameron Highlands is 3 hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. 

2 days minimum if you are from Singapore or other hot Asean countries. But if you are from a country used to cold weathers, there’s nothing much to see here, except for Rafflesia (the biggest flower in the world). For you a day tour from Kuala Lumpur could also do the trick.

All year round, except during the Chinese New Year and school holidays (mid March, June, mid August, end of Nov, and Dec).

The mountain winding road will be jam packed with tourists buses and cars. But if you have no other dates, try plan to come during weekdays.

Book a tour to Cameron if you want to enjoy cooler mountain air (24 degrees Celcius).  Or have always been dreaming of plucking plump strawberries, be surrounded by colorful flowers orchards or explore the high altitude, fairy tale like mossy forests.

Cameron Highlands Tour Packages