Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse Tour



Join this Annah Rais long house tour and see how the native Bidayuh tribe live in a long house that could accommodate up to 100 families.

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Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse Tour Price

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an old native woman weaving a mat in the annah rais long house

Things You Can Do Here

  • Visit the head house (called Baruk) that contains the war drum and the skulls of the tribe’s enemies.
  • Marvel at the construction of the century old Annah Rais long house, made of bamboos and woods from the Borneo forest.
  • Learn the way of lives of the native and see live demonstration of basket weaving, rice pounding and winnowing.

Tour Info

About the Tour

Sarawak was once feared by the white Rajahs due to its ferocious headhunter tribes. With this trip you may see the live of the Bidayuh, one of the tribe that used to practise the ritual.

Annah Rais Longhouse

  • Annah Rais is a Bidayuh settlement about 100km south of Kuching. It is built at the foothill of Borneo Highlands near the mountains.
  • This is an active Bidayuh village with around 80 families and considered a living museum.
  • Unlike a cultural village where the people are actors made to wear native outfits, Annah Rais is a real village where Bidayuh people embrace a more modern life.
  • Visitors are advised to come with a guide for a better understanding of the culture and to avoid problems with the natives due to culture differences.