Skydiving Adventure Pattaya



Brave the height, get yourself on a tandem skydiving jump in Pattaya and get the ultimate free fall experience during your holiday in Thailand.

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you may try skydiving in pattaya and enjoy the island from above

Things You Can Do Here

  • Take the leap from 14,000 feet above ground level and see the view of Pattaya in one of the highest skydives in Asia.
  • Jump in Pattaya with the largest civilian operator in southeast Asia, in the care of world-class instructors with over 1,000 jumps.
  • Safely accelerate to terminal velocity of up to 200 km/h, even if you have never done skydiving before.
  • Alternatively, if skydiving in Pattaya is simply too much for you, why not go for a safer route with water slides at the Ramayana water park instead?
tandem skydiving in pattaya picture