Uluwatu + Kecak Dance Tour Bali



Join this Uluwatu + Kecak Dance + Dinner Tour and witness the surreal view of the evening sunset at Luhur Uluwatu Temple, perched high above a sea facing cliff.

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Uluwatu + Kecak Dance Tour Bali Ticket Price

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the jimbaran beach area in bali that you can visit during your uluwatu tour

Things You Can Do Here

  • Watch the exotic Kecak Fire Dance performance, complete with powerful trance chanting by hundreds of local men around the kecak fire.
  • Enjoy fresh seafood BBQ Dinner at the Jimbaran beach, one of the best area for dinner in Bali with the Uluwatu Tour companies of your choosing.
  • For a combination of seeing wildlife and this temple, you can also join the Turtle Island + Uluwatu Tour too.
  • Have a question about this Bali Uluwatu tour? Check the tour info below.
the bali kecak dance at uluwatu that you can watch during your uluwatu tour

Tour Info

Uluwatu Temple Bali

  • The Uluwatu, Kecak Dance and Dinner tour will introduce to you the Bali’s Hindu culture as well as the surreal cliff views  of the island.
  • Uluwatu temple Bali is a Hindu temple 50 minutes or 30 km away from Kuta.
  • Inhabited by macaque monkeys, the temple is built on a 70 meter high cliff or rock projecting into the sea.
  • Uluwatu is also one of the most popular surf destinations in all of Bali, made famous by a surfing film Morning of the Earth, in 1972.

Kecak Dance

  • Kecak dance, performed by a circle of at least 150 performers is performed daily in Uluwatu temple at every 6pm on the cliff-side..
  • The famous Kecak dance was actually a performance developed only in the 1930s, by a German painter.

From Kuta City Center

30 km / 50 min