10 best affordable honeymoon hotels in kuala lumpur

10 Best Affordable Honeymoon Hotels in Kuala Lumpur ( From RM 199)

Planning to celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary in Kuala Lumpur but budget is tight?

Relax. Let us help you find the best affordable hotels to celebrate that precious moments of your life. 

We talking about staying in hotels that are not only awesome, but give you the best bang for your bucks.

We will start with ones priced from as low as RM 199.

Let’s see what amazing honeymoon hotels in Kuala Lumpur we can get from that affordably low price.

Hotels in Bukit Bintang

If you plan to shop, enjoy a wide variety of food, and be in the liveliest area of Kuala Lumpur, book a hotel in Bukit Bintang. It has everything that you need — anytime of the day. Here are some of the affordable honeymoon hotels in the area we recommend.

1. Gold 3 Hotel

This boutique hotel is well decorated with a camera theme. This hotel is stylish and ideal if you are a young honeymoon couple on a tight budget.

Your room is equipped with a queen bed and true, it is not that large. But it is smartly decorated and practical. Within the hotel are cameras, antiques and artistic installations for you to spend your time snapping pictures for your memories here.

To shop and see around the Bukit Bintang area is easy, as the hotel is right in the heart of it. And if you plan to explore further out, LRT and monorail trains are just minutes away.

Price : RM 199 ++


2. KL Journal Hotel

This retro hotel is another perfect hotel for young honeymoon couples.

The rooms here are larger than many other hotels in Kuala Lumpur and the decoration is simple yet modern. The windows are large, giving you fantastic and romantic views of the city.

For memories, you both can get up to the rooftop pool for an amazing pool area that’s perfect for picture taking. To shop, malls are just 5 minutes walk from this hotel. To rest and enjoy the comfort of your room, Netflix is available.

For us, this is among one of the best Bukit Bintang hotel for those going for an affordable honeymoon. The room is awesome, the hotel area offers plenty of picture taking opportunities and the price won’t break your bank. 

Price : RM 290++


3. The Westin

This hotel is located next to the Pavillion Mall Bukit Bintang. Thus is it ideal if you are looking not only to enjoy your honeymoon but to easily walk to your favourite outlet anytime of the day.

Rooms in The Westin Bukit Bintang are simply luxurious. And they all come with the well known Western Heavenly Bed — 13 inch thick mattress beds made specially for Westin, and are considered one of the best beds in its class.

If you are looking for comfort, and money is not so much an issue, book the Westin for a honeymoon or your anniversary for a risk free holiday.

Price : RM 490 ++


4. Wolo Hotel

Situated right smack in the middle of Bukit BIntang, the posh Wolo Hotel is ideal for couples who are into glamour during their stay.

To shop, everything is in front of your eyes. You are actually 3 minutes away from the Pavillion mall and other related malls and eateries in Bukit Bintang. And should you plan to explore the rest of Kuala Lumpur, the monorail and LRT trains are also similar distance away from the hotel.

Unfortunately not all the rooms in the hotel have windows. You need to pay extra for the luxury of having a view. It also lacks a pool. 

But if those are none of your concern, give it a try for one of the best glamorous experiences for under RM 300.

Price : RM 290++


Hotels in KLCC

If you don’t plan to explore much, but want to stay in the best area of KL the KLCC is also an amazing place for your honeymoon. Here are some hotels for honeymoon in KLCC we recommend.

5. Traders KLCC

This hotel is a favourite among foreign travellers to Kuala Lumpur, not only because it is a business hotel but because it offers luxurious comfort at a fair price. 

The rooms here are modern, and most rooms offer you the best view of the KLCC Twin Towers — precious for those who are in KL once in their lifetime.

To shop at the Suria KLCC mall or visit Aquaria, you can hop on the hotel’s free buggy day or night. To stroll, the massive KLCC park is right beside the hotel. To swim, there’s the beautifully award winning rooftop swimming pool in the hotel.

On top of those, the breakfast spread is simply classy, with variety of food from many parts of the world. Be warned. You might be tempted to just stay the whole morning feasting here. 

Price : RM 450 ++


6. Element by Westin

The rooms in this hotel are built only from the 41 floor up. As a result, the view from your rooms is priceless — you’ll feel like you are living on a very tall tower, above most skyscrapers in the area.

In the Elements by Westin, not only are the rooms modern and massive. But the amazingly large space extends right to your bathroom.

For breakfast, the buffet option will spoilt anyone. To swim, there’s a simple indoor pool. And to explore Kuala Lumpur during your honeymoon, the Ampang Park train station is 100 meters away.

Price : RM 290 ++


Hotels in Chow Kit

This area is not as picturesque as the KLCC or Bukit BIntang area. But it is increasingly becoming more attractive thanks to a new hipster area and international hotels set up in the recent years. These are some of the best honeymoon hotels in the area that we recommend.

7. Stripes KL

This stylish hotel is decorated with a semi industrial style, making the rooms look simple yet comfortable.

The rooms here are large with bathrooms made to accommodate 2 people at the same time. For picture taking, the rooftop pool has the background of the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

If you plan to see KL with trains, there’s the Dang Wangi train station nearby. And to feel the vibe of the hipster culture of KL, the Heritage Row is just minutes away. To shop, there’s the simple Quill Mall nearby.

The only weakness of this hotel is the breakfast spread. While it is still considered good, the selection is not at par with hotels like other international hotels like the Traders KLCC we mentioned above.

Price : RM 320 ++


8. Red by Sirocco

This honeymoon hotel is ideal if you just plan to camp in you room.

Your room is not only massive for its class, but is well equipped with coffee and tea maker for you both to enjoy anytime of the day.

In the evening, you can enjoy the view of Kuala Lumpur from your balcony. And if that is not enough, you may walk to the rooftop pool for a more spectacular view of the city.

To get anywhere, the Dang Wangi train station is a 10 minutes walk. If walking under the heat bothers you, the Grab ehailing service is easy to get from here.

Price : RM 250 ++


9. The Chow Kit

If you plan to get away as far as New York for your honeymoon, but Covid-19 and budget are your constraints, The Chow Kit hotel may be the one you’re looking for.

The rooms in this hotel are relatively small but made classy and comfortable. The hotel area, from the lobby right to the dining rooms meanwhile,  offer plenty of memories and photo taking opportunities during your honeymoon or anniversary.

Here. comfort and privacy is of the utmost important. All rooms are made to be soundproof.

The only complaint we have is that the parking is not free ( you have to pay around RM 15 and above per day you stay).

Price : RM 259 ++


Hotel in the KL Tower

While the other parts of the Kuala Lumpur city are known for busy intersections and heavy traffic, you can get a much secluded honeymoon in the green KL Tower part of the city.

10. Indie Hotel

If you are looking to enjoy your honeymoon in KL in a more tranquil part of the city, shortlist this hotel.

The rooms you get here are minimalistic. And since there’s only 48 rooms, your stay is more personalised and calmer compared to most hotels in the city.

In other words, this is the hotel where you could stay in comfort, and drive around the city in your own car.

This small hotel is only completed in 2020. Thus the decorations and facilities are sparkling new. It lacks a gym and a pool. But it has simple comfort for your stay and affordable enough for your bank account.

Price : RM 199 ++


Okay, so there you go. Those are the top 10 most affordable honeymoon hotels in Kuala Lumpur from RM 199 that we recommend. 

Which hotels fall under your budget and taste? 

Do you want to splurge on the ones in Bukit Bintang for a fun filled honeymoon or stay in somewhere tranquil like the Indie Hotel above?

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