Feringghi Night Market


Let’s see what the longest night market has for you.

This night market is different from any in Malaysia. Because there’s no onions, anchovies or fruits sold here.

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Instead, there are plenty of souvenirs — from t-shirts and keychains right to paintings to bring home.

The prices are not cheap though. And the sellers lack politeness.

If you want to ride a rickshaw or get a foot massage at night, this is the right place to be.


1. Be patient. Crowds here can congest the entire path.

2. Sadly you can’t snap your photos here for free. There’s plenty of signs on almost all kiosk telling you that you have to pay RM5 for pictures. Daylight robbery if you ask us.

3. If you come with kids, go into the seafood restaurants near this area. They’ll be delighted to see for themselves the Alaskan crabs, lobsters and many exotic live fish they usually only see in TV.