Island Horses Langkawi

Fancy riding a horse by the sea? Or in the jungle? You could try the Island Horses

Here, not only could you ride horses by the rope, but if you are an experienced horseman, you could also get into the jungle straight to the waterfalls with experienced instructors.

There are a few options to choose. You could ride by the sea for 15 minutes, or get into the jungle and out to the Kok beach.

But if you have no problem spending, and are comfortable handling your horse, you could get into the jungle with its Jungle Trail package, and learn about the medicinal plants in the area.

Riding Costs

Fun Ride
RM60 (~$14.83) — 15 minutes

By the Beach/Jungle
RM240 (~$59.33)— 1 hr

Jungle Trail
RM440 (~$108.77) — 1 hr

Riding Session

There 2 times you could choose from :
7am– 11am and
4pm – 6pm

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