Khoo Kongsi


Khoo Kongsi was so spectacular, even the gods wanted it burnt.

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This is a temple and also a meeting hall for the Khoo clan. But that’s not all. This place is actually very famous because this is the only building in Penang that was said to burnt by gods.

Too Good To Be True

The clan house was built in the 1890s and was said to be so spectacular that when the roofs were burnt, no one was surprised.

The clan believed that the dieties were envious of the temple’s beauty and spectacular construction — and the fire was a sign that the temple is to be destroyed.

After the incident, the clan rebuilt the temple. But this time, with more moderate carvings and decoration that would not upset the gods.

The result is the clan house that stood today.

Strange Statues

Here, you’ll find two strange Sikh statues at the steps of Khoo Kongsi.

No, they are not misplaced. And they really are statues of Indian Sikhs.

Sikhs were once brought from India by the British. And they were always used as guards and army for the empire. The 2 statues were there as a symbol of loyalty and trustworthiness that the race has shown for the clan.


The kongsi is not on the main road. To get here, walk along the Cannon Street towards the Acheen Mosque.