Bungee Jump Tickets at Sentosa Singapore


Face your fear of height, get the Singapore Bungee Jump discount ticket and jump 47 meters above ground in the Sentosa Island.

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Bungee Jump at Sentosa Singapore Ticket Price

Adult (S$)Child (S$)
Walk-In Ticket109109
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the bungee jumping sentosa ticket lets you jump 47m from the top of the aj hackett tower

Things You Can Do Here

  • Buy the picture and video of your jump and get a certificate, membership card and exclusive bungy jump t-shirt to prove that you have done the ultimate Singapore adventure.
  • Do your Bungee Jump in Singapore under the hands of experts – the AJ Hackett company, who operates their own skybridge and bungee tower.
  • If you decide not to tempt fate, try the Giant Swing or Megazip Sentosa with your friends instead.
  • Have a question about this Sentosa Island Bungee Jump? Check the FAQ.
teh aj hackett tower in the sentosa island is the place where you'll do your bungee jumping


How do I get to the Sentosa Bungee Jump area?

Get off from your train/ bus at Siloso point. The AJ Hackett Bungee Jump tower  is 3 minutes walk away from the drop off .

Should I just walk-in or book the activity beforehand?

Booking beforehand is highly advisable (and cheaper !).

How high is the Sentosa Bungee Jump?

17 storeys high.

What is the minimum age for bungy jumping?

AJ Hackett stated that the minimum age is 14 years, and all under 18 years old participants need a parental consent.

Note that a minimum weight of 40kg applies.

Average Time Spent Here 

1 - 2 Hours

From Singapore City Center

20 km / 30 min drive

Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs : 11 am – 8 pm
Fri  – Sun       : 11 am – 9 pm