Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion


The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, or the blue mansion is one of the top 10 historic mansion in the world.

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This 38 room mansion is massive, iconic and historically one of the most important home in the island.

It is so big, there are 7 stairs and 220 windows.

The build quality of this 1880 building is also impressive — and it potrays the wealth of its owner, the quality the materials and the skills of the artisan during the era.

The Owner – Mr Cheong Fatt Tze

The owner was called the Rockefeller of The East.

He was a tycoon, politician and an industry caption who left China for Malaya (once called the golden peninsular) when he was 16.

He started his life here as a waterboy. But coupled with hardwork and luck, he had a father in law who mentored him until he successfully accumulated enormous amount of wealth in the East.

He not only owned a number of banks, factories, and farms but he was also the one responsible in opening the trade path between America and China.

This mansion is one of the many of his residence throughout the world. Tze died in Jakarta, leaving 8 legal wives and a number of concubines all over the world.


1. You could stay in a boutique hotel here.

2. If not, the only way to see the mansion is by joining the Penang Heritage Trust walking tour.