Gohkaki Museum


Go back to the old days and see how we used to make our own games.

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The problem with today’s children is they know almost no games beyond what’s in their gadgets.

And the world of fun is only limited to their screen size. But you know that was not the case in the old days.

Going Back In Time

In Gohkaki museum, your kids will be shown and taught about the games that people in Malaysia play when young.

Your kids will marvel at how we lived during our childhood and how simple life was to us. They’ll be surprised to learn that we had fun just by playing on squares drawn the floors, by games made up of rubber bands or just plain marbles.

They’ll also see crickets made from coconut leaves and taught to make their kites on their own.

Whether they’ll enjoy this museum is one thing. But what more important is you’ll relive your younger days.