Jomblang Cave Tour


Join the Jomblang Cave Tour and be an Indiana Jones for a day by taking a journey into the famous Jomblang Cave in Yogjakarta.

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Jomblang Cave Tour Price

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abseiling in the jomblang is an amazing team sport

Things You Can Do Here

  • Feel what it’s like abseiling 30 meters down the vertical cave to see a dense forest below.
  • Snap pictures of you in the cave (also called the Goa Jomblang by locals) while sunlight shines a portion of the cave area.
  • Enjoy all this in Jogjakarta under the safe hands of professional guides.
  • Get this beautiful forest caving adventure with a return trip back to your hotel.
  • Alternatively, join the Jomblang Cave + Prambanan Tour for a combo trip to both amazing cave and historical temple of Java.
  • Want to know more about the Jomblang Cave Tour? Check the tour info for a brief background of the place you’ll visit.
the white interior of the jomblang cave yogjakarta


Jomblang Cave

  • Jomblang is a unique, vertical cave in Gunung Kidul, 50 km away from Yogjakarta.
  • This vertical cave has vegetations that grow from its bottom. It is also connected horizontally to another cave called Grubug, also famous for its underground river (called Kalisuci or Holy River).

Enjoying Jomblang

  • To enter Jomblang, you need to be lowered 30 meters down, accompanied by an experienced caving trainer.
  • The number of visitors to Jomblang is limited to 75 daily.
  • The best time to enjoy the beauty of the cave is around 10a.m – 12 p.m as the sun will shine above the cave entrance.