Prambanan Temple Tour


Join Yogjakarta’s Prambanan Temple Tour and gaze at the amazing sight of the ancient Prambanan temple complex.

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one of the intricate carving at the prambanan temple complex

Things You Can Do Here

  • Walk around the 9th century temple ( or Candi Prambanan as locals call it) and learn more about its history.
  • Discover beautiful sights of the Javanese landscape as you travel through greeneries and traditional villages along the way.
  • Need a better photo opportunity in Prambanan? If you don’t mind waking up earlier, you may join the Prambanan Temple Sunset Tour instead.
  • Enjoy this Prambanan Temple Tour with a safe, air-conditioned pickup and drop off service to your hotel.
  • Want to know more about Prambanan? See the tour info for a brief background of the temple area.
the ancient prambanan temple in yogjakarta that you can see during a tour in indonesia

Tour Info


  • The Prambanan temple complex is also known as Rara Jonggrang (Temple of the Slender Virgin) and is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia.
  • Located 17 km northeast of the city of Jogjakarta, the Prambanan Temple is the largest temple compound dedicated to Hinduism in Indonesia.
  • Built in the 8th century, the temple itself is a complex consisting of 240 temples, and was a depiction of the Ramayana story.


  • The Prambanan compound is considered an architectural and cultural treasure. It also serves as a proof of the region’s high levels of stone building technology and architecture.
  • The temple is surrounded by gorgeous, lush greeneries and villages that lives up to its name as a beautiful Prambanan complex.
  • It was an important center of worship until it collapsed due to earthquake, volcanic eruption and a shift of political power in the early 11th century.
  • The compound were rediscovered in the 17th century. The restoration work that took place for decades has since turned the it into a must-visit place in Jogjakarta.

From Jogjakarta City Center

17 km / 45 min