Laman Padi


Want to feel what it’s like to be in a paddy field?

This place is 2.2 hectare big and mimics a real paddy field. So if you want to know the feelings of a local paddy planter, roll your pants and enter.

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If not, you could always enjoy the view from the huts around here.

For those who are curious about paddy planting, there is a paddy museum that you could visit.

Activities in the Laman Padi

If you don’t mind the mud, you could plant some paddies or even to try catch a fish with a rattan trap. Ticket starts at RM3.

And since this place has its own herbal area, you could always ask the guide to help you learn more about native herbs.

In short, if you love the tropical village life, be here.

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NOTE: There’s a restaurant called the Seashells nearby. Mosquitoes will be a nuisance, but they have nice traditional Malay dinner served in a paddy field.