Telekom Museum

The Telekom Museum was a manual telephone exchange center in the 1930s.

couple in the telecom museum

This two-storey neo-classical Greek building was nearly demolished to make way for modern building in the 1985 before the then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammed interfered, restored and turned the building into the country’s first interactive telecommunication museum.

Inside this heritage building lies 6 galleries. One of the section deals with the Miracle Wire Era where Morse code machines were used to transmit information while another section displays the telecommunication machines used during the wars.

A primarily interesting section is dedicated as a tribute to the vital role women plays as the operators in the early days of Malaya.

Ticket Price / Entrance Fee

Children : RM6 (~$1.53)
Adults: RM3 (~$0.77)

Foreign Tourists
Children: RM11 (~$2.81)
Adults: RM5 (~$1.28)

Getting There

By Train
Get off at the Masjid Jamek station.
The Telekom Museum is a 5 minutes walk from the stop.

Opening Hours

Closed on Public Holidays.
Otherwise, Opened Daily: 9 am to 5 pm

the telecom museum building