Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex


The Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex is the place where you can see craft-related activities and programs.

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This huge complex mainly caters to coach tours but it is worth a personal visit before you leave Kuala Lumpur.


There are 4 sections you could see at the Craft Complex:

1. The Craft Museum
This is a special museum with a wide collection of textile, metal crafts and artifacts by Malaysian craftsmen. All the information of the production process is potrayed in diorama, complete with history, technique and the materials used.

2.The Craft Village
Here, you could learn about Malaysian handicraft through demonstrations & hands-on sessions. If you want, you could also learn how to draw batik, make some pottery or pewter here.

3.The Artists Colony
If you love paintings, and you want to see the work of Malaysian artists, this is the place where you could understand and value more of the local arts. There are 22 Malaysian resident artists work showcased in the galleries of this complex.

4. The Craft Boutique
This boutique sells quality Malaysian handicraft for you to bring home. Crafts sold here include personal adornment, basketwares, souvenirs, textiles & corporate gifts.

Getting There

  • You can use the monorail and stop at the Raja Chulan station. From this station take a taxi or follow the signage to the complex. It is a 30 minute walk.
  • Another alternative is to go there by taxi. The public bus is NOT an ideal way to get to this place.