Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building in front of the Dataran Merdeka was Kuala Lumpur’s icon before KLCC took over in 1998.

sultan abdul samad building at dusk

Designed by A.C Norman (the British who also designed the nearby Masjid Jamek), the massive building was built by the British in 1897 to give the impression of power.

This Moorish building had witnessed many significant cultural and historical events — the most important one being the lowering of the Union Jack Flag during the 1957 independence from the British.

Today, the road and the big green field in front of the building Merdeka Square is usually used for independence day parade, Citrawarna and other patriotic events and concerts.

There used to be a small museum near this building (National Historical Museum) but it has now been relocated to Putrajaya.

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  • A similar building near the street houses the Textile Museum and has a local cuisine cafe inside.
  • Those interested in the history of KL can head on to the KL City Gallery across the street.