The Rift Virtual Reality Theme Park Tickets


Grab your credits/tickets to The Rift Theme Park in the Mid Valley mall, and flex your muscles against aliens and obstacles in Malaysia’s largest VR theme park.

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The Rift Virtual Reality Theme Park Ticket Price

Ticket TypeWalk In Price (RM)
4 Credits36
8 Credits70
Zero Latency85
Outbreak Origin105
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hurricane VR in the rift theme prk mid valley kuala lumpur

Things You Can Do Here

  • Bring your friends and families into The Rift VR theme park for an new gaming experience, combining muscles, brain and immersive technology.
  • Choose over 20+ unique realities in the first and largest VR/ AR theme park in Malaysia.
  • Try the Hurricane VR and get into the eye of the storm. Strap in and hold on to your seat as you’ll be blown away with what you’ll see and experience (this VR comes complete with twist and 360 degrees turns).
  • Tired of playing Subway Surfer in your phone? Get in here and play the same game and others (like the Temple Run and Minion Rush) — but in real life, where the star is you!
  • Love climbing? Challenge yourself on a new wall climbing experience , where you could custom climb your routes, play a match and avoid sweeping lasers on the walls as you climb.
  • Join the Terminator X VR game. And go for a 2 floors laser battle arena for the best laser battle experience in your life.
  • Wants something more? Try the Zero Latency — the Rift’s world class free-roaming virtual reality in a 15m x 15m space. Team up with your loved ones and fight foes in 4 scenarios, including surviving a zombie apocalypse.
  • Have small ones tagging alone? Let them enjoy similar experience in the Rift Junior Playland, specially built for them.
  • Want to try other indoor theme parks in KL? Try the Berjaya Times Square Cosmos World or Superpark in Avenue K.
the rift VR mid valley


What is credits?

Credits are what you use to go on rides. Some rides require 1 credits, others 2 and so on.

The credits can be used for all VR except for the Zero Latency Games.

Is there a minimum heights to play the games?

Yes. For adults, it is 130 cm & for child it is 110 cm.

Is there a time limit for me to stay in The Rift?

No. You can stay in the Rift as long as you have your credits.

How many VR games are there in the rift?

There are 24 virtual reality games that you may play in the Rift park Malaysia.

Average Time Spent Here

2 - 3 Hours

From Kuala Lumpur city center

10 km /20 min

Opening Hours

Weekdays : 11 am – 10 pm
Weekend/ holiday: 10 am – 10 pm

(Note: The 2nd floor will only open after 12pm)