Langkawi Car Rental



Rent a car in Langkawi and explore the island to your heart. Plan your own journey and be the master of your time in the island with many options of cars for hire.

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Langkawi Car Rental

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What You'll Get

  • Hire a rental car during your trip in the island of Langkawi and see more of the island — from browsing around the town area right to visiting various other Langkawi attractions like the Cable Car .
  • Be the master of your time, and have a memorable journey with your family and loved ones whenever you want.
  • Get your car upon arrival (at the Langkawi airport or ferry jetty) and easily return in back to the same area.
  • Pick a compact car (like Viva) if there’s just the two of you, or choose a bigger sedan for a more comfortable driving journey or for a shopping trip to the Langkawi island’s duty free shops.
  • Need something bigger for a group trip? Pick a 6 seater Toyota Livina or  a Toyota Vellfire for your team members.


How is the rental hours calculated?

Your rental is on 24 hours basis. For example, if you rent a car for 2 days and the pick up time is 10 am on June 3rd, then you should return the car to the operator before 10 am on June 5th.

If you return it later than the specified hour, you operator will charge you a late fee (normally per hour) once you return the car.

Is there a deposit needed?

Yes. Depending on your operator and the type of car hired, the deposit ranges from RM 50 to RM 450.

Most deposits are paid directly to the operator before the keys are handed to you.

This deposit will be refunded if the car is returned with the same condition as you pick them.

Do I need to produce any documentations?

Yes, for locals, a copy of the Identification Card (IC) and driving license are needed.

For foreigners, a photocopy of the Passport as well as a valid driving license are needed.

Can I drive without a license in Langkawi?

No. The traffic laws in Langkawi is the same as in other parts of Malaysia.
Thus you need a valid license to drive around the island.

Foreigners should have a valid International Driving License and above 18 years old to rent and drive a vehicle.

Is there a limit on the milage/ how far I drive?

Normally no. Most car operators in Langkawi do not place a limit on the milage. Most only expects you to return your car with the same level of petrol in the tank.

But please check with the specific operator for their policy.

Can I smoke in the car?

No. Most operators will fine you from RM 50 to RM 300 for such offence.