7 Things You Can Do in Kuala Lumpur If You Only Have 24 Hours

Assuming that you are here in the morning, here are some things to do in KL if you only have 1 day or 24 hours.

Assuming that you are here in the morning, here are some things to do in KL if you only have 1 day or 24 hours.

1. See the Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers is a must visit.

Visible from anywhere in the city, this impressive metallic skyscrapers are the icon and the pride of the city. For those who only have 24 hours, this is the first place to see.

There are plenty of picture taking opportunities at the base of the towers, around the fountain, as well as over the bridge at the massive KLCC park.

If you have the time, revisit the area at night for a stunning view of the tower.

Duration of Visit: 1 hour.

2. Join the Skybridge tour

This tour used to be free. But now you have to pay RM80 to walk across the double decker skybridge that connects the two towers and to see the city from the tower’s observation deck.

Make sure you queue as early 7:00 am because the tickets are usually gone before 9:30 am. But if you have an internet connection, you could just book the trip online.

Despite the stunning view of the city from the bridge, pray that it doesn’t rain as you cannot see much during KL’s intermittent thunderstorms.

Duration of Visit: 1 hr 30 minutes
Note: Closed on Mondays and during Friday Prayers

3. Dine in the KLCC Mall

By this time, you are probably hungry and dog tired. Head on into the posh Suria Mall within the base of the tower and head on to the food court.

There are plenty of Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, Malay as well as Japanese food here. But if you insist on Western fast food there are McDonalds, KFC and Burger King outlets on the ground floor.

Get here before lunch hour since the area will be jammed pack with office workers from the two buildings.

Duration of Visit: 1 hour.

4. Get into the Petrosains

If you have kids, join the queue to the Petrosains Discovery Centre on the mall’s 4th floor.

Yes, the entry looks tiny. But inside, expect a mini walkathon because this play and touch museum spans over 2 floors and is filled with many petroleum related exhibits for your little ones.

There are Formula 1 racing cars, helicopter simulators, oil rig replica as well as other displays to play and touch (like stones that bleed oil) to get your little ones entertained.

But watch out. In this museum, time flies.

Duration of Visit: 3 hours.

5. Go to the Aquaria

This Aquaria is nothing compared to the ones in Singapore or Sydney. But since it is just 5 minutes walk from the Tower, this small underground aquarium is worth a mention — especially if it showers on your trip.

As expected, you’ll get to watch creatures like sea horses, sharks and turtles as well as live reptiles and insects here.

Just make sure you don’t miss the piranha feeding session at 4 pm.

Duration of Visit: 2 hours
Note: Not advisable if your family is on tight budget.

6. Check the Bintang Walk

From KLCC, get on the air-conditioned overhead bridge to Bukit Bintang — the city’s version of Oxford Street.

This is where you could see swanky world class malls, listen the music of the local street performers, get your feet massaged by illegal Chinese immigrants and relax by the roadside cafe all in one shopping block.

Unfortunately, there’s a massive construction work in the area right now. As a result, the area is choked with people, and traffic is bad. If you are over 50 or plan to get here while pushing an infant in a trolley, crossing the roads could be frustrating.

Duration of Visit: 2 hours or more.

7. Dinner in Jalan Alor

By now, your leg will scream for a rest. So it’s time to head on to Jalan Alor, and get some ice cold lychee drink from one of the many Chinese steet vendors here.

It doesn’t matter if you just like to hang around with a huge crowd or just want to try a hot chicken satay, this is a popular place in Kuala Lumpur for tourist to sit and eat past midnight.

But if you prefer cleaner eateries, forget Jalan Alor and walk into the Hutong Food Court in the Lot 10 mall instead. You will still get authentic street food minus the offensive odors from smelly alleys.

In fact, since the stalls here are handpicked from the best stalls from all around the country, this place is probably better than the crowded, over-rated and dirty Jalan Alor stalls.

Note: For halal food, try the Arab Street.

There you go — a short guide of what to do in Kuala Lumpur if you only have 1 day to spend. Admittedly, you won’t actually see or learn much about the city. But you have at least covered the most important area and see the most important KL attractions located within a small area of KLCC.

For more ideas on things to do in Kuala Lumpur, wait for our second installment.